Heart-shaped Coffee Mugs

Shaped Coffee Mugs

25 Creative and Original MugsIn this ultimate collection we’ve gathered 25 most unique, most stylish and most beautiful mugs from all over the web. They differs from standart by their shapes, materials they’re made from, and even their color. This collection will come in handy if you’re looking for the present for your friend – all cups/mugs can be bought in online-stores. Also we recommend not to watch the last set to impressionable people because of its provocative character.

Ceramic Wine Mug [ via I Want One Of Those ]

Unusual connection of mug and wine glass. As the creators promise Wine Mug will help you to wake up the next morning after a party smoothly and without any consequences.

Guzzini mugs [ via redcandy ]

This white classic ceramic mug looks much more different and stylish thanks to funky red handle made from plastic.

Biodegradable Corn Travel Mug [ via Grassroots ]

These mugs are differ not only by their shape but also because they’re created from 100% U.S. corn plastic (natural fermented corn starch with less than 1% non-toxic dye). So it’s completely biodegradable! And eco-friendly!

Stag Horn Mug [ via Vivre ]

Feel yourself as Viking using this silver-plated mug with real stag horn as a handle.

Pura Tea Cup [ via Amazon.com ]

Amazing fusion of stainless steel and porcelain make this simple tea cup and saucer set looks modern and stylish.

O! luna Mug [ via DineByDesign ]

25 Creative and Original MugsBeing the part of O! luna Crockery Set and created from the finest design-led porcelain this mug amazes by its creative geometry. Brilliant idea and qualitive execution.

The Skase [ via Steve Watson ]

Another great idea of symbiosis. The mug created from white glazed creamware and the saucer of unusual form made from wood. Simple and elegant set for modern life.

Heath Ceramics Studio Mug [ via Amazon.com ]

This mug is original by the form and place of its handle. Quite unusual, don’t you think?

Tea-Code [ via Kedo ]

Are you bored with this tea bag which couldn’t behave itself? Kedo present you great solution! Tea Code Cup has a look of a sleeve with cute button on it. Just lace up your tea bag around the button and relax with hot delicious tea.

Coffee Mug with Thanksgiving Decor [ via Amazon.com ]

This cute pumpkin shaped coffee mug decorated with fall leaf and will be a great present for upcoming Thanksgiving Day.

Ego [ via Amazon.com ]

This elegant coofe cup is interesting by the form of its handle and saucer. Long handle rests in the saucer and it gives to the set a certain stability

25 Creative and Original MugsCoffee sets [ via Sentou ]

Created by french design studio these coffee sets will surely make your coffee break bright and funny.

Drink Selector Mug [ via Amazon.com ]

This mug is perfect for office. Combimed with rings which can show your choice of drink and your milk and sugar preferences! No words need! Just twist rings!

Gun Mug [ via shopmodi ]

Intereseting mugs with a handles in the form of gun trigger. Available in two variations: black with platinum trigger or white with gold-plated trigger.

Snap Cups [ via Angela Schwab ]

This series of cups/mugs have one similar feature – 3 metal clothing snaps on each item. You could snap them together or add handle or two – you pick.

Cupple Coffee Mug & Holder [ via Generate ]

Designer of this cup thought about not only its appearence but also about its storage. Then it isn’t using the mug’s handle fits snugly into the base or the rubber wall mounted holder. Stylish and smart solution.

The Ultimate Coffee Cup [ via Lux-Delux ]

This cup is interesting by its shape. Designer David Pier created “a revolutionary cup that is unusual and beautiful in appearance and superior in function. The form flows from the shape of hand and mouth, the weight and volume of the contained fluid, and the relations between these. ”

One week coffee cup [ via IOHANNA PANI ]

Unusual relief inside the cup will make classic cup unique.

Flame-On Bead Mug [ via Etsy ]

Another great example on how decoration of handle can make from simple cup stylish kitchens accessory.

Carabiner Mug [ via I Want One Of Those ]

Besides its cool appearence thes mugs are really usefull. Their handles are carabines at the same time and it’s harder to lose your mug if you can clip it onto the side of your backpack.

The pouch mug [ via Catching Fireflies ]

It’s a great idea to combine mug and saucer together. In the small pouch at the side of the mug you could put tea bag to use again or trash when you return to the kitchen.

Rx Mugs [ via ]

A perfect set of 2 mugs for couple. One mug is for her and another one is for him.

Panda Face Mug [ via ModCloth ]

Extremely cute panda mug. The fun is in the fact that this is bottom of the mug.

Angel Mug [ via Cloudberry Living ]

These high quality beautiful ceramic mugs are hand-made by the Finnish designer Sami Rinne.

25 Creative and Original Mugs 25 Creative and Original Mugs 25 Creative and Original Mugs 25 Creative and Original Mugs

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