Whisper stoneware crockery

Stoneware Crockery

For over six years online (and decades in print!), Interweave has been the place to learn jewelry-making techniques, be inspired, and enjoy other metalsmiths and jewelry makers, just like you. We bring you expert advice from our magazine and book editorial staff, as well as from independent jewelry artists from around the globe. Our contributors love to fabricate metal jewelry, do wire work, and create jewelry as much as you do! And we enjoy helping you grow as a jewelry artist and inspiring you to create your next jewelry-making project.

There is so much to see and learn for jewelry makers here–something for everyone, whether you’re a beginner or have been making jewelry for years.

Learn from video instruction. Videos are a great way to learn how to make jewelry, and we’ve got them for you. From setting up your very first torch to finishing your own handmade jewelry designs and everything in between, there’s a jewelry-making video here to instruct and inspire you.

Enjoy our articles and tutorials. Get to know us and what we do; we love taking you behind the scenes of our magazine photo shoots, going in-depth about a favorite jewelry technique, sharing what’s on our workbench, demonstrating essential jewelry skills, and so much more

Download a free eBook. We have over 30 free eBooks for jewelry making, each one full how-to projects for all sorts of handcrafted jewelry, accessories, and other crafts. If you’re interested in metalsmithing projects, metal clay jewelry making, how to make necklaces, rings, or earrings, enameling, resin jewelry making, or how to start and manage a successful jewelry business–you name it, we’ve got a free eBook for you. We’ve even got an eBook to help beginners learn basic jewelry-making techniques!

Grow with new jewelry-making techniques. Whether you want to learn how to solder jewelry, more about specific lapidary and gem-cutting techniques, or how to use certain jewelry tools, we’ve got you covered.

Check out the projects in our magazines. With every new issue of Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist or Step-by-Step Wire Jewelry, we’ll show you more photos, more projects, more technique tips, more inspiration.

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