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Hand Thrown Bowls

Cliff Glover maintains a studio and gallery at his home in Albion, CA. He is a longtime member of Northcoast Artists Gallery and makes pottery.Cliff Glover in his Albion, CA studio.

Artist's bio:

"What I like about working with clay is the enormous challenge of making art and ends meet, striving to pay the monthly bills, but keeping alive the spirit which drew me to clay in the first place. I like to repeat forms because it produces something fresh and not overly fussed with—an honest pot. For me repetition compliments the creative process. It's what my hands do to liberate my mind."

Cliff Glover has been a full-time potter for 23 years. He sells his work through many venues in Northern California, including the Highlight Gallery, Mendocino; Northcoast Artists Gallery, Fort Bragg; and the Ren Brown Collection, Bodega Bay. He has been commissioned by both the California Wellness Task Force and the California Center for Public Health Advocacy to produce a series of awards which were given to notable public figures. At San Francisco's Asian Art Museum, his tea bowls are used to serve guests of the Japanese Tea Ceremony

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